Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Producing with the Customer
To understand the needs and expectations of the customer and to produce the product in line with his demand.

Produce for the Customer
To determine our quality targets in order to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and to achieve these goals, to produce not only to sell or increase the market share but also to win the customer in the team spirit.

Ensuring Efficiency at the Highest Level
To minimize job loss and to achieve maximum savings with proper and effective planning.

Being in Continuous Improvement
Thanks to continuous improvement and increasing quality and efficiency, to detect and eliminate nonconformities and to prevent the formation of new ones, to improve the system and to provide the highest customer satisfaction.

Acting as a World Company
-To work by targeting the international market as well as the local market.
-To provide more competitive services, to meet applicable conditions and to increase brand awareness in our industry.

Being the Manufacturer of the Most Reputable Brand
To gain a respectable place in the eyes of its customers, employees and all interested parties. To be a reliable brand. To protect the prestige by increasing it.

Sharing Success with All Employees
Acting with the awareness of the importance of employee satisfaction, earning as you earn.

To Obey The Employee Health And Safety Rules, To Comply With These Rules
To follow the rules about occupational health and safety, to adapt them to our organization, to ensure that our employees comply with them.

R & D and Design Studies
To design and launch at least 1 new, aesthetically appropriate product per year. To develop our existing products in line with needs.