About Us

Turkey's leading castors and wheels manufacturer with EMES Inc. with over 7,000 varieties are also exporting to over 59 countries worldwide.

About Us

EMES… 360 degree perfection!

The wheel was invented 5,000 years ago and nothing in the world has ever been the same again. Humanity's life style has changed. Agriculture, urbanization, industrialization and all technological advances have always been realized thanks to the wheel. In our age, the wheel is still the heart of technical, mechanical and engineering.

Since the first day we were founded in 1998, wheel and wheel technologies have meant “development for us. Regardless of your industry, the right, efficient and long-lasting wheels grow your business and always take it further.

As EMES, we work continuously with this philosophy and produce professional solutions that will make your life easier while moving your business forward. We guide wheel technologies with our expertise in engineering, industrial design, manufacturing technologies and marketing.

One of our 7000+ products is for you…

We are always searching for the best in our production facilities with 8000 m2 closed area, developing the best quality and functional products, and producing the most suitable wheel for your sector and needs with our advanced technologies.

With 360 degrees of excellence, we bring you success with every product.

We always stand by you for your absolute satisfaction with our young and dynamic team before and after production as well as before and after sales. Because as EMES, we are your reliable solution partner.